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Once in a while, emotion leaps out of nowhere ...

As I sat alone in my office today, working on some of the necessary details of the music business, I did a Google search on a friend of mine. Halfway down the page, there was a link to his name in an article that had my name in it, so I clicked on it.

The article is actually about me, and refers to my birthday, nine years ago, when I was surviving on the national liver transplant waiting list.

I was quickly overcome with emotion as I was reminded how fortunate I am to be alive to celebrate another birthday just two days from now.

Post-tranplant life is really awesome for me. My health is good, and I work diligently to keep it that way. As always, I must thank my as-yet-anonymous donor, who gave me a chance to celebrate another birthday.

I wish you peace, with love,

Brother Dan

p.s. NOW, check out a few moments of joy ...

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